Thursday, October 20, 2011

keeping myself busy

while Daniel works on the laundry room, I have found a few things to occupy my time

I don't know about you (you may not wear headbands) but I always have a mess in my vanity drawer from my headbands tangling up everywhere. So I wrapped this Quaker Oats grits container with a little stuffing then covered it in a pretty "girly" rose pattern
and wah-lah no more mess

Daniel told me that we needed something to cover the UGLY fuse box in our almost done
 laundry room 

So I made a menu board 

i love it...not only does it cover the ugly fuse box,
 it also helps me know what to get for groceries
so that I do not overspend

I had a wonderful visit with my friend Kaitlin last night who is due with her precious baby boy, Wyatt, in only 4 WEEKS!! She had been needing a swaddle blanket so of course I wanted to help out with that

i wrapped his present with his "swaddler"
I thought is turned out pretty cute.

Bentley wanted to tell you guys 
 "peace out and stay cool"
i just love this little guy

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


While Daniel has been busy renovating the laundry room I have given myself a few projects to do.
Last night I made this adorable hand towel to hang in our kitchen

I also have made some changes once again to our bedroom
I made these precious pillows
and painted this picture

the birds are scrap pieces of cloth

and here is the finished room

Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Fall ya'll!!

This is my Favorite time of year!!
from the decor, to the attire, to the get-togethers and especially the weather!!
I love Fall!!

here is our Fall scene this year

and I wanted to give a huge shout out to Pinterest
they gave me several Fall decor ideas
from this
I made this
and from this
I made this

and from this
I made this
Thanks Pinterest!!!

DIY pillow from a shirt

I first got an old tshirt of Daniel's and a striped polo he never wears

I then cut the shirt into 2" strips and used a long basting stitch to be able to pull into ruffles
I also cut the polo and surged the sides to fit the amount of ruffles i had

I then sewed the ruffles to the front of the pillow
and once that was done I turned the pillow wrong-side out and sewed all sides together

Once that was done I unbuttoned the shirt and turned "right-side" out and stuffed it and buttoned it back
and this is what it looks like :)