Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just a few Merry Christmas pics....

Bentley and his gf Coa Coa

Our honeymoon ornament

Thursday, December 9, 2010

a little delayed on sharing Thanksgiving...

This year for Thanksgiving it was smaller than usual, Daniel and I went to my parents. It was Grank, mom, dad, Daniel and I, but we made the best of it...even played Yahtzee. Daniel learned how competitive mom is :)
the food for the special day was amazing....
but of course it was because they had fabulous cooks
Bentley wanted to remind everyone that he "was HUNGRY and ready to eat NOW!!"

After our lunch everyone thought it would be a great idea for a, I much rather had taken a nap but they talked me into it and we got some great pictures!

Dad had found the coolest tree EVER!! that was 19 feet wide...GINORMOUS!!

yeah he is pretty proud of that thing,
he wanted to get his sweet grand-dog in on the action, best pic ever of my precious baby in front of his Papaw's tree
After our eventful couple of days in Sturgis we headed to Oxford to venture with the Peacocks. We helped with the condo...or shall I say Daniel helped. Time with the Peacocks is never dull...Daniel and his dad stayed at the condo while Sally (mother-in-law) and I stayed at the hotel...and when we arrived our room was "unsatisfactory" so Sally and I got a new room, well first key went to one that was occupied and luckily the gentleman was in the restroom at the moment so that Sally did not just swing the door open on needless to say she got another room with an "upgrade"...if you can get that at a Super 8, haha. Imagine all this fun happening while carting precious Bent in a bag trying to hide him!! He was not amused!
After a long night and finally getting some rest the next morning we got ready and went to the "grove" grrrrr...and discovered that some lovely individual had stolen our tent!! are you serious?!! YES!! how rude!!
But we got over it and luckily Saralauren's sweet bf had a friend that had a tent and of course we're all smiles by the end of the night!!


and i will end on this....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Palmer Home Christmas!!

Friendship Baptist had Palmer Home Christmas a little early this year..but it was awesome as usual!! Just look at all these presents!!
All the kids were so excited about their presents...I do have to say that this is one of my favorite things around Christmas time!!
If you don't know about Palmer Home for Children here is the link:
Every year our church has them a Christmas party and it is such a blessing to the kids...which worked out in a way being around Thanksgiving letting them be thankful that they know people love and care for them.
I have to post sweet pictures of precious Ashlyn...
She was such a sweet happy baby...
here is a picture of her and Caleb

ADORABLE aren't they?!

A big part of this night is the PrEsEnTs for all the kids! Everyone draws a name and gets the present the child requested
Here is mom and Story...

and here is me with Laura...

She just loved her make-up...wish we could have played dress up!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Well before Christmas comes Thanksgiving of course! I have LOTS to be thankful for!! My wonderful husband, my precious pup and all my amazing wonderful family and friends that I could never live without. Tonight we head to Sturgis to have Coleman Thanksgiving. I called Grandma (for those of you who know her as Grank) and she said "be ready to cook tomorrow, you know you have to do the dressing" and I replied "apron is already packed!!" Hopefully there will be some eventful photos to follow. Then Friday morning we will pack our bags back up in the chilly weather (i'm so excited for it to actually FEEL like winter) and head to Oxford for Peacock Thanksgiving to assist with Sally's new purchase...a rather large purchase...Saralauren a condo!! we have to start from scratch on this place and put everything in it!! so that should be interesting!! Again, more pics to follow with that!! SO to all our family and friends...
We love you and hope that you all are thankful for what God has blessed you with!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Start to Precious Peacocks

This is my first entry to the "precious Peacocks" blog!! We had an eventful weekend in Santa Rosa, Fl watching our very special friend Danielle marry her heart Neil!! it was a beautiful ceremony and Danielle was an amazing bride! This is a picture her very amazing sister Amanda took!
Needless to say everything was beautiful and perfect!!

Tomorrow will begin my class to get licensed in insurance and the BIG test is Friday so hopefully everything will go great!! Keep yours fingers crossed!