Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Well before Christmas comes Thanksgiving of course! I have LOTS to be thankful for!! My wonderful husband, my precious pup and all my amazing wonderful family and friends that I could never live without. Tonight we head to Sturgis to have Coleman Thanksgiving. I called Grandma (for those of you who know her as Grank) and she said "be ready to cook tomorrow, you know you have to do the dressing" and I replied "apron is already packed!!" Hopefully there will be some eventful photos to follow. Then Friday morning we will pack our bags back up in the chilly weather (i'm so excited for it to actually FEEL like winter) and head to Oxford for Peacock Thanksgiving to assist with Sally's new purchase...a rather large purchase...Saralauren a condo!! we have to start from scratch on this place and put everything in it!! so that should be interesting!! Again, more pics to follow with that!! SO to all our family and friends...
We love you and hope that you all are thankful for what God has blessed you with!

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