Tuesday, July 26, 2011

trying something new

If any of you know me personally, I have had some terrible things happen recently and it has caused some major stress on my life (please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers) . . .
SO I have decided to try something new to get my mind off of things.

If you are a MSU bulldog than you know that it is very hard to find a cute game day outfit in maroon. I decided to attempt to sew my very own game day dress to support my dawgs!
Fortunately, I have an amazing mother-in-law who can sew like a pro and said she would help me out and teach me the basics. plus, she has an AHH-mazing sewing machine

first I chose the pattern:

then I chose the material:

I cut the pattern out:

here is the top of the dress...did this ALL BY MYSELF!!

this picture shows the detail of the pleats on skirt
my mother-in-law had to do the ruffle on the top part of dress.
would have been to hard for a "first-timer"

and here is my completed game day dress!!

i LOVE it and cannot wait to wear it!!
my mom told my sweet mamaw that I was taking on sewing and she said well tell her to have my machine!
how cool and meaningful is that?
I have already chosen my next pattern and going to pick up the machine this weekend . . . I am estactic!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Simple things

Every Thursday I am joining Jesslyn Amber and sharing
in life this week that are making me happy

  • I came from a job that was a bit hectic and stressful into a job that I so greatly enjoy, i LOVE the new individuals I work with! (insert sigh of relief)
  • although extremely HOT I am enjoying the summer and the pool time on the weekends

  • my BFF since grade school is getting married this weekend!

  •  I pampered myself this week with a facial and mani/pedi

  • it's my BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!

  • and on my list of most favorite things and something I have enjoyed all week thanks to my wonderful husband . . .the smell of Coach Poppy

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday America!!

I made a special Flag cake for the fourth of July Cookout at my in-laws

and we added some yummy homemade vanilla ice cream!! I have been wanting an ice cream maker for almost a year now! Had a crummy Friday so Daniel took me out for date night and we went and got my ice cream maker!!
it is AMAZING!! Just love it!

They had pool games
 and Bent-man and Abbey wanted to take part

We had a great time! Lots of yummy food and quality time with great friends

The next day we went over to the in-laws again to watch home videos from when Daniel and his sister, Saralauren, were growing up. It was so much fun watching what my sweet husband was like as a child. For those of you who know him, we know he is a bit shy and doesn't talk much. WELL...."little" Daniel Peacock would talk your ear off!! Followed every sentence with "right?" so adorable! I just love him so much :)