Tuesday, July 26, 2011

trying something new

If any of you know me personally, I have had some terrible things happen recently and it has caused some major stress on my life (please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers) . . .
SO I have decided to try something new to get my mind off of things.

If you are a MSU bulldog than you know that it is very hard to find a cute game day outfit in maroon. I decided to attempt to sew my very own game day dress to support my dawgs!
Fortunately, I have an amazing mother-in-law who can sew like a pro and said she would help me out and teach me the basics. plus, she has an AHH-mazing sewing machine

first I chose the pattern:

then I chose the material:

I cut the pattern out:

here is the top of the dress...did this ALL BY MYSELF!!

this picture shows the detail of the pleats on skirt
my mother-in-law had to do the ruffle on the top part of dress.
would have been to hard for a "first-timer"

and here is my completed game day dress!!

i LOVE it and cannot wait to wear it!!
my mom told my sweet mamaw that I was taking on sewing and she said well tell her to have my machine!
how cool and meaningful is that?
I have already chosen my next pattern and going to pick up the machine this weekend . . . I am estactic!

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  1. Whoa. I am totally impressed. It looks GREAT!!