Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 Years down!! MANY more to go!!

Three years ago I married
my very bestist friend!
As I refer to him as "my most favorite"
There are SO many reasons why I love Daniel Peacock, so I will list just a few...

1. This man loves me no matter what my faults are, and there are many :)
2. No matter how crummy my day is and how negative I can be he reminds me to keep faith and be more optimistic
3. He is a bit of a penny pincher, obviously I am not, so he keeps us stable
4. He spoils me and our baby Bentley rotton
5. I can see myself growing so very grey and wrinkley with this man and he will still think I'm beautiful
6. He is a little Bob Vila and makes are home our own and pretty nice if I will say so myself
7. Seeing him with my dad...well I'm not going to get emotional, but I could not have found a more perfect fit for the Coleman family
8. He is my rock
9. His laugh, oh my goodness, his laugh
10. He puts up with this social butterfly even though he is as shy as they come
11. etc, etc, etc or as his favorite show Seinfield would say...
yada, yada, yada

For our 3 year Anniversary we celebrated with going to dinner and just enjoying each other's company. We decided to save money this year with no extravagent gifts or a trip because Lord help us we are still renovating our kitchen and just put a down payment on granite countertops!
We went to Local 463 in Madison and dinner was nice but we decided that no one can beat it still remains our favorite. Before dinner we exchanged gifts:

I got my Peter's salt and pepper shakers!!! Yay!! along with a new platter,
first piece I own in white

and for Daniel I gave us a joined gift...
for those of you who watch the Office you understand the meaning of this gift:

These are Jim and Pam bobbleheads from the Office. I got us one each so that we both can keep them in our office and I must say it is already doing the job...when I have a moment i push Pam's head and it makes me smile and think of him :)
A quick catch up on this couple...they have the cutest relationship on any show...humor, hardships, love...they have the whole package
Daniel also received 2 new pairs of dress pants for work.....proves how old we are getting

Here is a look back over anniversaries:

Year 1:
We enjoyed dinner at the Parker House

Year 2:
Trip to New Orleans

Year 3:
Dinner and saving the dollar bills ya'll

This pic was taken in our new kitchen...
which is ALMOST DONE!!
 I'm so proud of him!!

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  1. I LOVE your Office bobbleheads! Right now me and the hubby are so addicted to that show LOL and congrats on your 3 years! BTW I'm now your newest follower :)