Monday, May 2, 2011

So close I can taste the yummy food I will be cooking!!

So Daniel and I purchased a home that would be a "fixer upper" for our first home. Hoping to make a profit so that we can build an amazing final home of our own one day. He has done an AMAZING job so far!! Right now his main project is our kitchen . . .
Here is the before
I know you are loving the pizza box and flowers, this was our first day of receiving the key so we ate pizza (our fav) sitting in our kitchen floor and his sweet mom gave us the flowers as a Congrats.
Now on to the renovation . . .
Here are a few halfway-there pics

Mr handy man working hard

He built the cooktop vent!

 and added a china cabinet on the end for me to display my China and my Peter's Pottery

He is so close to getting completed and we could not be more excited!!
He has realized in the process that he will have someone make our cabinets for our final home :)
Here are the current pics of our kitchen . . .

our new dishwasher!

 China cabinet in the process of being beautiful

 check out that crown molding!

Exciting news to announce!!
Our new countertops will be installed Wednesday!! which will include the sink . . . soooo, I get to be a cook again!! I actually made chicken and rice casserole last night and we so enjoyed not having a frozen meal, we had some leftover so we didnt have to worry about clean up . . . because I still do not have a sink . . . therefore our dishwasher does not work without being hooked up to that to drain. So the leftever dish is sitting in the fridge, waiting to be eaten then be washed on Wednesday, because
You do not realize how much you appreciate things until you have been without for over 10 months, yes people my sweet husband, bless his heart, has been working on this for over 10 months. But the results I know will all be worth it!

I went grocery shopping this weekend to prepare and here is the menu for the Peacocks:

Sunday(yesterday): chicken and rice casserole
Wednesday: Daniel's request, Spaghetti (I use to make this for him all the time when we dated, I actually was making it for him in celebration for his new job announcement back in MS and in the middle of me cooking he proposed)
corn on the cob
5 cheese garlic bread
Thursday: Chicken and dumplings
steamed veggies
Saturday: double bean burritos

My brother is coming to visit, May 25 and will be staying the night with us that night and I'm hoping everything will be completed so he can praise Daniel on his hard work. Can't wait to see my brother and Anna, haven't seen her since Christmas! love them both so much!


  1. What a transformation! Great work!

  2. It's beautiful! LOVE the china cabinet part especially.

  3. Kel!! I am in love with the glass cabinets!! It is going to be so pretty and then me and Brad are coming over for dinner! So freshen up on your cooking skills! :)