Thursday, May 26, 2011

another project!

This post is going to be short and sweet, unlike the amount of time it took to find pictures to resemble


I went all over Coleman territory and found really cool, antiques and created what I call my personal masterpiece! I only wish that I would have came up with this idea on my own and would be a little richer now.....
Here is my final result
this is now proudly hanging in our kitchen which is SO close to being done! He has outlets and a few small final touches to do and he is done!!

and since we are on the subject of how awesome my wonderful. loving husband is, I'm proud to announce that he studied his tale off and passed his Professional Engineering test!! I'm going to go ahead and brag, brag, BRAG!! I honestly could not be more proud of him! The Lord truely blessed me when he sent me my soulmate Daniel Peacock!!

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  1. So cute Kelli! And the chairs are too! Way to go, you're a great little wife! If you don't know of these already, check out (total house renovation photos and cute craft ideas) (pro diyers)