Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project Day in Sturgis!!

I came to visit the rents and put my mom to work :)
I informed her before I arrived that it would be "project" weekend to get prepared!

First thing on the project list was to get pictures of antiques etc that resembled a letter to spell out of that project will follow shortly. Mom had a great time with helping me find things that looked like letters

the second project was to refinish a couple of chairs.
She had once covered these chairs with stuffing and a chair cover for me to use at my apartment after I graduated. The chair cover became very worn and not suitable so I put the chairs in storage for the time being. I remembered about them and removed the stuffing and cover and found some adorable chairs underneath.
Mom told me her and dad used these chairs when they first got married,
so sweet
 now on to the project...
first we removed the cushions and sanded the chairs down for the paint to stay on better
 my handy-dandy assistant
 then we spray painted them black
 allowed them to dry
 then sand the edges down to give them the "worn" look
 and wah lah!! new chairs for my breakfast table for my new kitchen!!
Bentley loves them :)

the third and final project was making my sweet Jessicat her veil for our girl trip next weekend at the beach! I cannot wait to go! So very excited to hangout with all my girlfriends and we are going to see this!!
Yay! so excited!

We also fit a wedding into our busy day...
here is a pretty pic of mom and I
 also me and my B-man...
him so sweet

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