Tuesday, August 16, 2011

reasons to celebrate

this past Friday was Daniel's bday
we got his new favorite for dinner,
the Fresh Market Cafe veggie plate,
then we went with his mom to see the Help...
I know, I know the Help for "Daniel's" birthday?
well we had made an agreement back on my birthday that we would see Transformers for him on my day and the Help on his day for me :) 
 that is part of what keeps us strong are the compromises

Saturday we went to Oxford to spend the day with his sister and the following morning I made
for his birthday treat..yum yum

He got a kindle for his gift and a problem we have is we cannot wait to give each other our presents, so once we buy them it usually happens that we open them the same day...which means he opened his kindle 2 weeks ago when I got it in the mail :)
so...I wanted to do a little something special and make him a happy. As I have said previously my new obsession is
and I found a really cool idea on there


 halfway there

he loved it :)

the picture does not do it justice because of the flash, but you get the general idea.

My great friend Jen Jen got married Saturday!
it was a beautiful ceremony and she looked absolutely stunning!

me and my hot date :)
mom you should be so proud! I did the side bun all on my own,
you taught me well

For the special occasion I wore my dress I made

we had a great time!
but by the next morning I was ready to get back to see my B-bear! I have no idea what I will do next week when Daniel and I have to leave him for 5 whole days when we go to the BEACH!!
so excited about a relaxing trip with my honey

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