Tuesday, June 19, 2012

daddy's day 2012

"Anyone can be a Father,
 but it takes someone special to be a Daddy."

I'm so proud that I have two very special men in my life that are amazing daddies!
Although Carson has not arrived yet, I know that Daniel will be an amazing dad to our precious baby girl. Just watching him with our dog, Bentley, let's me know what a caring, protective man he is. I'm so ready to see him hold Carson, I know it will be such a special moment.  

for Father's day Daniel got a little goody to prepare him for "daddyhood":

What was inside:

perfect necessities to prepare daddy for diaper changing!

You can tell he was very excited!! ha

Thursday we will be 35 weeks...It's definitely creeping up on us!
Carson has taken over my body and I'm pretty sure there is absolutely no more room, but it seems she is trying to make it be enough. I cannot wait to see her and hold her and give her all the love she deserves.

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