Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The story of baby Peacock

I recently noticed that I have not updated the blog in a very long time.
So I will I give an update on the most important thing going on in our lives right now
The Peacocks are having a little baby!!!

I wanted to take a little moment to share with you what a blessing this truly is to our little family that will soon become 3!!

here is our story....
I know that there are many women out there that do not have problems being blessed with a child, but I from experience know that there are also many women that have difficulties trying to bless themselves with such a miracle. Most of our closest friends, family and wonderful church family know that this has been no easy road for Daniel and I, but with all the prayers to the good Lord above our dream finally came true. We can not say thank you enough to all those that thought of us during such a tough time. I also want to share my experience for those that are trying and have been trying and sometimes just want to say "I GIVE UP!!" Well, in a sense that's "kind of" what I did. If you are trying to conceive and having a rough road and you have friends that know about it, I'm sure you have heard the phrase "just stop stressing about it, it will happen." That phrase would drive me CRAZY!! How can you stop thinking about something that you want so bad?! Our "plan" when we got married was to have 3 years to ourselves then try to start a family. The way it worked out will be 4 1/2 years, but to be quite honest with you, I have come to realize that the Lord knew what he was doing all along. I just had to keep my faith in Him to understand it. For example, IF it would have happened the 3 years like we wanted, Daniel would be renovating the kitchen and we would have been way to broke for baby Peacock to make an appearance and I would also (I'm sure of it) be a little unpleasant with a big belly and hunger pains with no kitchen :)
We had decided to start working on this family back October of 2010, having no luck with women issues (i will not go into detail) I knew that this was not going to work out. So I made an appointment to ask my Dr, "what's up, what's wrong on with me"...I was told we see this all the time, then the main sentence, "just don't stress over it." (GRR) That was my first time hearing it, while I'm staring at my Dr's 7 month pregnant belly. She started me on a medication called Provera, which is to make you have your cycle then we began a med known as Clomid, which is supposed to cause the woman to ovulate. We did this from December to May and I could tell it was not working, there were several times they would have me restart the Provera, obviously because the Clomid had not worked. I remember I had to go in one day honestly thinking it had worked and come to find out the Dr had to walk in sit me down and say it did not work again. This was not my usual Dr (my other was on maternity leave) and I just sat there as tears filled my eyes and she grabbed my hand and said its going to happen, "just don't stress about it." I do have to note that this Dr was extremely sympathetic and I almost thought she was going to tear up too. So I did what she said, I stopped, well I thought I had, what I really did was just stopped the meds. This was in May when i decided to do this, well nothing seriously, NOTHING, I was honestly scared I had gone through menopause and my body was just really, really confused about my age, but of course I'm still constantly thinking about baby baby baby. SO, in Novemeber we decided to call a specialist and see what he had in store for us. I had taken a test 2 days prior to seeing him and still nothing. So he once again said we are going to start the Provera, then we are going to test out Femura, which is a different type of ovulation pill that usually works for women that did not have results with Clomid. I took the Provera and nothing happened, like before when I had taken it, it tooks like 4-5 days for the cycle to begin. Well 14 days go by and I called by specialists office and said something is wrong I never started. They told me to go get a pregnancy test and they called in some birth control to help with cycle, but said MAKE SURE you take a test before starting the birth control. So me just knowing that I was not pregnant bought one of those $4 test from dollar general on the way home. Once I got home I took it...within a millisecond the "you are pregnant" line was outshining the other line. I yelled for Daniel and said SOMETHING IS WRONG!!! So I made him go to Walgreens and buy 2 different brands to compare. I took 4 tests :) all positive. I called my Dr the next morning, they made me come in for blood work, then called me 2 hours later and said we need you to come in the morning ASAP for an ultrasound. 
Daniel and I were 6 weeks along and had NO clue!! We got to hear our little precious angel's heartbeat the day we found out about him/her. 
I know this has been a very lengthy post, but the point I am trying to make is, NEVER give up on something. To be honest, I think I did stop thinking about it as much after I scheduled the specialist appointment, thinking "He will figure it all out and it will be ok", and it was!! I stopped stressing and that is when it happened!!    

We find out Feb 23 what our little bundle of joy will be!!


  1. Congrats Congrats!! If you have any questions please feel free to message me or call! It is an awesome experience!

  2. We are so thankful to the Lord for the precious little miracle He is giving you! "The fruit of the womb is a reward from Him." Psalm 127:3 We will be praying for a great pregnancy, delivery, and healthy baby! :)

  3. I could not be more excited for two people to become parents, EVER! I'm so so so sooo happy for you and Daniel!